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Logistical and Implementation Considerations

The Triad approach includes some unique logistical and implementation needs that project managers should consider.

This section discusses logistical and implementation dimensions unique to the deployment of a Triad approach. These pertain to scheduling, readiness reviews, technology evaluation, decision support, information management requirements, and quality assurance/quality control procedures. From a project management perspective, each of these can be critical to the successful implementation of Triad-based field activities. Explicit consideration of these should be part of the Triad systematic planning process before field activities are undertaken.

Successful Triad projects require careful attention to scheduling and load-balancing issues.
Technology evaluation efforts are important for real-time measurement systems.
Dynamic work strategies require arrangements for appropriate and timely decision support.
Real-time measurements systems require real-time methods for managing information.
Readiness reviews are a particularly effective way to ensure Triad projects are not hobbled by logistical issues.
The way QC protocols are formulated and implemented have significant planning and logistical implications for Triad data collection projects.

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