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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Triad planning, implementation, and regulatory acceptance.

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Analytical Methods  (18 questions)

Real-time and field-based measurement technologies, analytical and data quality, and related analytical methods questions.

Dynamic Work Strategies  (7 questions)

Questions about real-time measurements, screening quality vs. decision-quality data, work plans and documentation, etc.

General  (12 questions)

Basic questions about Triad and Triad implementation.

Implementation  (11 questions)

Budgets, contracting, staffing, documentation and other Triad implementation questions.

Regulatory Acceptance  (10 questions)

Triad and DQO/ASTM, state and federal acceptance, Triad justification, verification, and other regulatory acceptance questions.

Systematic Planning  (4 questions)

Uncertainty management, conceptual site models, and other questions about systematic planning.

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