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Key Triad Components

QA/QC within the Triad shares common goals and dimensions with traditional programs, but also has unique, Triad-specific components.

The goals of Triad QC components are no different than those of a more traditional program: to generate data of known quality whose quality characteristics are documented, verifiable, and technically defensible, and to identify in a timely manner issues or problems that will adversely affect performance and that require attention. Along with these common goals there are QC components that are shared between Triad-based programs and more traditional efforts. These are key to the Triad and include:

Triad-based programs also include QA/QC components that are either unique or significantly different in scope and nature from what a traditional program would require. These include the following:

QA/QC activities are critical for demonstrating both data and decision quality. The demonstration of data and decision quality will be based on the weight of QA/QC evidence. For these reasons it is important that stakeholders, and particularly regulators, understand and accept the logic underlying proposed QA/QC activities.

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