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Triad Management
 Real-Time Measurement Systems

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Multiagency support for Triad
Triad is a Federal/State Interagency Partnership

Real-Time Measurement Systems

Real-time measurement systems provide data quickly enough to affect the progress of field work.

Real-time measurement systems represent the third leg of the Triad approach. They are essential for implementing dynamic work strategies because they feed timely data to the decision-making process.

The Triad approach is only possible because of the tremendous technological changes that have occurred in the area of sample acquisition and real-time measurement systems in the last decade. The innovation rate in this area has been rapid. The pace will likely continue in the years ahead. As the case studies illustrate, the use of real-time measurement systems to support characterization and remediation work at hazardous waste sites is not a new concept. The Triad provides a technically defensible context in which to select and deploy real-time measurement technologies.

For this section's purposes, the term "real-time measurement systems" covers sample acquisition, analytical or measurement technologies, and data analysis/decision support tools. Example sample acquisition technologies include direct push technologies that can be equipped with sensor probes for acquiring subsurface information and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies for quickly and easily establishing locational control in the field. Example "real-time" analytical methods include X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), portable gas chromatograph and mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) technologies, and immunoassay test kits. Example analysis/decision support tools include database systems, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), data visualization packages, and data reduction tools that can be used to support in-field decision-making. The latter will be discussed in greater detail in the section entitled Logistical and Implementation Considerations.

This section provides information about real-time measurement systems that project managers need as they design and implement Triad approaches to hazardous waste site characterization and remediation. This section discusses key concepts, explores technology selection, and addresses technology implementation.

There are several key concepts important for understanding real-time measurement systems as used by Triad.
The appropriate mix of measurement technologies for a Triad project depends on several factors.
Real-time decision support, appropriate standard operating procedures, method applicability studies, and strategies for collaborative data analysis are all important dimensions for successful measurement technology implementation.
Documents pertinent to real time measurement systems.

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